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Desktop Window Manager and Client Service Runtime Process taking up significant GPU

This is my first post here, so forgive me if I get anything wrong here. I'm vaguely aware I should share the specs of PC, so here they are:
Dell Precision 5540 Mobile Workstation
Onto the problem in more detail, Desktop Window Manager and CSRSS are acting weird, taking up huge amounts of GPU when the computer is essentially idle. It seems to die down a bit sometimes, and come back other times, and usually it happens in massive spikes where they take up 90%+ of the GPU. I thought it might be a bitcoin miner virus or something, so I followed the malware removal thread that is pinned at the top of the subreddit, but none of them found anything (note: I didn't go for the second opinion software). I've been starting to doubt that it actually is a bitcoin miner because it notably only eats my integrated graphics, not my Nvidia GPU thing, which seems weird. I know I could find out by doing a factory reset, but I very much do not want to lose my files, and have experienced plenty of issues with this computer that I would not like to relive. As such, I don't experience performance drops in software that uses the nividia, its mainly focused on software such as google chrome that uses integrated graphics. I've done some amount of googling and found that this might be a nvidia specific problem, but haven't found very many solutions. I did find something about thermal throttling that I didn't understand at all, and a partially working solution in lowering the priority of Desktop Window Manager to low. The priority solution appears to be effective most of the time at keeping it from spiking over 50%.
This started a few days ago, and the only thing I can think of that happened was I downloaded some files (I wanted to put a rom hack for an old pokemon game on my wii u, so I had to get the rom file and the patcher and stuff). This is what made me think it was some sort of bitcoin miner, but now I'm just super confused.

Tldr; DWM and CSRSS are taking like 90% of my integrated GPU , and I have no clue why.
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For our Dutch en Belgian bitcoiners. This coming Sunday they have a documentary on NPO 2 / Nederland 2 at 21:05. Tell your friends and family about it.

Tegenlicht (counterview?) has made a documentary featuring Roger Ver and some other people. These guys make interesting and balanced documentaries.
You can watch the promo here:
It features Roger Ver, a miner, a shopkeeper and some other people.
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Documentary The Bitcoin Gospel VPRO Backlight - YouTube

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